Home exercise tips

Virtual fitness

It can be difficult to create a solid routine that works for you, but forming a new way of staying active can be fun as well as helping your mind and body during this unusual time. Here are some tips to help make working out in your home easier.   


For many of us, working from home is now the new normal, on top of this you may also have additional care responsibilities that make finding time during your day to stay active a really difficult task. One of the benefits of home workouts is they can slot into your busy schedule quite easily, with classes available straight to your home at convenient times that suit you. To stop your plans from being side-tracked, you will need to aim for a duration of time or indeed a specific time of day to put aside for yourself. This will decrease distractions and give you that all-important “me time”.

Technology is your friend

Streaming your class on a phone, iPad, or laptop is ok but for an even better experience, you could try streaming to your TV. If you have a smart TV, you can easily connect a HDMI cable to your chosen tech. Investing in a Roku stick, Apple TV, or Chromecast can also be beneficial. 

Having a good pair of wireless headphones can also be a great way to boost your experience. Not only will you avoid tripping over but you can take part in early morning workouts and evening classes without disturbing anyone else in your household. Headphones will also help you immerse yourself in the class! 


You don’t need a home gym to take part in an at-home exercise session. Many classes will help you effectively use your body weight or even household items (those tinned peaches might finally be of use) to build strength safely. 

Find something you enjoy

It shouldn’t be a chore to stay active, so make sure you find something that works for you. There are a whole host of group exercise classes you can access without needing to leave your home. You can take a dance fitness class and brush up on those tap or twerking skills or take part in a Pilates session to improve balance, strength, and posture. 

Whether you like yoga, boxing, cardio, strength, toning, or aerobics there is a class for you. Use our virtual class search to find a class today!