Treating your workout as playtime can reignite your love of exercise

Treating your workout as playtime can reignite your love of exercise

Exercise is fun, right? If you disagree, do not stop reading! You are exactly who we want to talk to. You see, there is this horrible misconception that exercise is to be endured and not enjoyed. That although it is good for your body, it is something to loathe instead of loving.

Enjoy your workout

We want to dispel those beliefs and introduce the idea of exercise enjoyment. Exercise shouldn’t be a punishment or something you must do, rather than choose to do. From dance and hula hoop workouts to trampoline fitness, there is a group exercise class for everyone.

Hula Hooping - virtual and local classes
Hooping mad

Hula Hooping is a great way to stay in shape whilst getting to grips with a school ground favourite you may have forgotten. If you couldn’t quite get to grips with the concept of a hula hoop no matter how many drizzly UK lunch hours you tried to, then a HulaFit or Powerhoop class could be perfect for you. You’ll be given top tips for keeping your hula hoop spinning whilst dancing to an upbeat playlist.

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Working Out, Out!

Clubs were one of the last businesses in the UK to open up after the pandemic. You may have switched up your usual Saturday night capers for dancing in your kitchen and if you have, this class is perfect for you. With all the energy and fun of a night out, minus the hangover and long taxi queues, what’s not to love? Join Clubbercise’s already vast community solo or bring your friends for a guilt-free night out.

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Treating exercise as play
Put the bounce back into your workouts

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Trampolining in your garden is a great way to get active (and subtly spot your neighbour’s new outdoor furniture) but if you want something a little more exciting, book a Boogie Bounce class. Their branded mini trampolines have waist-high handles to keep you grounded during their bounce-tastic classes. You’ll jump, bounce and dance your way to fitness.

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Shake your tambourine 

When was the last time you laid eyes on a tambourine? In your Y6 music class or at the last festival you went to? It’s not every day you get to grab an LED tambourine and shake it down to a positive playlist with the added advantage of burning calories, toning and having fun!

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Release your inner pop star

WhLove pop music? You need to try a PopDance class. You can elevate the dance moves you have when the radio plays with the help of your Popdance instructor. You’ll learn choreography (don’t worry if you aren’t coordinated, your own improvised moves will work too!) to your favourite 80’s, 90’s and noughties tunes.

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