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What is Open Active?

Add your class to classfinder for the opportunity to be part of ‘Open Active’ to get your classes seen by more people, in more places. Open Active is essentially about sharing opportunities. We will publish your classes so other organisations can use them in their own searches and campaigns. This means you list them in one place and they’ll be promoted in many.

There are already quite a few different partners involved in Open Active and we will be working hard over the next 12 months to get more partners and brands involved. Read more about Open Active and watch a great video to explain how it all works.

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What is the Open Active Activity List?

For Open Active to work the sports and physical activity sector have had to agree a set of standards. As a result, everyone must use the same standards to be able to share opportunities. For instance, if one person calls something ‘Dad dancing’ and another ‘Daddy dancing’ it’s very difficult for computers to know that they are essentially the same thing – which makes sharing hard.

A defined ‘Activity List’ is part of these standards. All systems that use Open Active must choose something from the Activity List for each of their opportunities. Therefore, if something from the list is not chosen, the opportunity cannot be shared.

There is a sector ‘Activity List Committee’ who voluntarily manage the list on behalf of all sport and physical activity. These are representatives from across the health and fitness sector. EMD UK represent group exercise on the committee. For a new group exercise style to be submitted it must meet submission criteria. If you’d like to propose an addition, make a submission using this form.

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