Mother and daughter fitness with #TimeTogether

Mother and daughter fitness with #TimeTogether

How much time are you getting with your daughter? UK charity Women in Sport has launched its #TimeTogether campaign to encourage teenage daughters to stay active with their mothers (or other female role models) for both their physical and mental health.

According to Women In Sport’s Transition to Adulthood report, the vast majority of girls aged between 14-16 understood the importance of an active lifestyle (78%) yet only 28% actually enjoyed taking part in physical activity. Couple that with the research during lockdown that found 32% of women felt they couldn’t prioritise doing exercise as they had too much to do for others and a picture emerges of female activity inequality at all ages.

Over 100 years of fitness

Mother and daughter duo, Dilys Smith and Janet Waters are a great example of what can be achieved when you stay active together. They have racked up over 100 years of activity between them.

Janet enjoyed taking part in dance and sport during her school years. On leaving, she was encouraged to train as a Keep Fit Association (KFA) teacher through a Local Authority training scheme.

Still active at 92 years old

Janet’s mother Dilys was always a great support and had set a positive example by attending a local Keep Fit class. Once Janet qualified, she ran a class four nights a week, many of which mum Dilys attended when she could find time around her work as a nurse. In fact, at 92 years old, Dilys has only recently had to find an alternative group exercise class due to a health condition that prevents her from attending. She now stays active, with Janet’s encouragement, at her Strength and Balance class in Henley as well as routinely taking part in indoor bowling. Dilys has attributed her positive attitude, health, and fitness to her daughter’s KFA classes.

Janet tells us that staying active together “has given us a joint activity and my mother has enjoyed being part of the class for so many years. At 94 years old, she still attends, does the admin and is part of the class. It really helped our mobility and flexibility, and stamina.”

Why #TimeTogether is important

KFA has been an important part of both their lives and Janet explains that “originally it enabled us to build relationships across the South West at the start of our membership. Being part of KFA helped us to move together, cemented relationships with a group of keep fit friends and allowed us to meet people from our own area and across Southern counties.”

Janet is still teaching, and her class members enjoy their wonderful hour of Laban dance fitness, movement, and dance each week. For more inspiring mother daughter stories visit Women In Sport.

What is the Keep Fit Association?

The Keep Fit Association (KFA) was established in 1956 and is dedicated to the provision of safe and effective exercise, movement, and dance. KfaMoves exercise is based on Rudolf Laban’s principles providing a holistic workout with functional fitness through creative choreography. Click here to find a virtual or local class today.