What type of class is right for you?

Find a group fitness class that is right for you!

Whether you are getting into fitness with little or no experience, returning after a break or are completely converted to group classes but considering a new one, the key to enjoying getting fit is to find a class that suits you.

There are so many types of group exercise to choose from it can sometimes be difficult to know what will work best for you. Here we have compiled an overview of each category:


Holistic group exercises are a great way to recharge and de-stress. The approach of this type of class is to reconnect the body and mind so that participants achieve a level of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.

These calming, yet physical workouts appeal to participants who are looking for inner calm and in some cases a change of lifestyle. If this sounds like your cup of tea than it’s worth exploring classes like Yoga, Broga®, BODYBALANCE™, Pilates, Lishi, Tai Chi, and Piyo as all fall into this category.


If you enjoy a shaking a tail feather and love invigorating exercise than you should consider joining a dance class. There’s a wide range of styles to fit your personal preference but all are upbeat and social, so are a perfect way to make friends whilst staying fit.

With a vast range of styles including ballet, African, ballroom, Latin, Bollywood, dancehall, tap, Scottish and Voguing (like catwalk models) there is bound to be a class that fits your style.

Fitness class.
Dance Fitness

Dance fitness offers choregraphed classes.  However, the emphasis is on fitness as opposed to learning a set routine or technical dance movements. This style of group exercise is great for anyone who loves music and dance, but their end goal is fun fitness.

Popular classes include Burlexercise, Clubbercise, Barrecore, FitSteps®, Pungra and Zumba.


Cardiovascular fitness aims to raise your breathing rate, getting the heart and lungs working hard. This in turn supplies the muscles with oxygen-rich blood. By increasing the blood flow you will have more energy and assist the body function.

Classes include aerobics, BODYATTACK™, BODYCOMBAT™, chair-based exercise, indoor cycling and HIIT.

Water workouts

Fancy taking your fitness to new depths? Sometimes moving your current workout to water will give you a new-found love for your favourite studio-based classes. Water pressure makes your lungs work harder and adds resistance which can increase the intensity of a workout. As your body weighs up to 75% less in water it is a great way to exercise without putting additional pressure on your joints.

Try Aqua Aerobics and Aqua Zumba.

Virtual fitness
Strength and conditioning

Everyone can benefit from taking part in a strength and conditioning class. These classes are a great way to improve physical wellbeing whilst providing a full body workout. The focus is on building strength, endurance and size of the muscles but can also have a positive impact on bones and ligaments strength.

Popular classes include BODYPUMP, Boxercise, Kettlebells and Methodology x.

Multi fitness

If you enjoy variety than circuit training, bootcamp and Block Fit are the best classes for you. Each of these offers a range of different styles of fitness. That means you will be improving your general fitness, strength, balance and cardiovascular function and most certainly not getting bored.

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