Keep your back strong with these top tips

Keep your back strong with these top tips

Why strengthening your back is important

Our backs are critical to our core strength, posture and mobility. However, it can be all too easy to overlook this area when taking part in regular exercise. 

Strengthening back muscles can help prevent injury and improve overall bone density, which is even more imperative for women in the years following menopause Osteoporosis – NHS ( when the risk of Osteoporosis rises. 

It is also a great way to improve posture in particular for office-based workers who tend to be seated for a lot of the day, which can cause rounding of the back. Concentrating on increasing back muscle will also help boost your resting metabolism which in turn helps you burn calories and help you maintain a healthy weight. 

Maintaining a healthy weight

The NHS has tips for losing weight and maintaining any weight loss with your diet. You can also add supplements, like barbend branched-chain amino-acid supplements like barbend bcaa which can be bought online. 

Exercise is also an important factor in lowering weight and keeping your back healthy. If you are new to staying active, a group exercise class can be a great way to try something new with the added benefits of having a trained instructor to guide you through and a community to keep you accountable. You can find local and virtual group exercise classes today with

Dumbbell swing

How you can stay active at home

Alternatively, you can stay active at home, try these for a stronger back;

Reverse Fly

This exercise can be done at home. You’ll only need dumbbells and a mat. 

  1. Start by standing on a mat, with both of your hands holding a dumbbell. Make sure to separate your feet by a shoulder-width distance. 
  2. Position your pelvis backwards and your chest forward. Your chest should be parallel to the mat.
  3. Hang the dumbbell towards the floor. Your palms should be in the same position, facing each other.
  4. Keep your torso strong and your back straight. Make sure your knees are slightly bent as well.
  5. Exhale when stretching your arms sideways. Keep your shoulder blades in position. Don’t thrust them up towards your ears.
  6. Inhale as you bring your arms back to the starting position and repeat the process.

Dumbbell Swing

Similar to reverse fly, but this time, you’re ‘swinging a dumbbell.’ 

  1. Stand and separate your feet by a shoulder-width distance. 
  2. Hold the dumbbell and make sure one of your hands is in front of the other. 
  3. Maintain a straight back posture. 
  4. With your knees slightly bent and hips pushed backward, swing the dumbbell in-between your legs.
  5. When the weight is swung behind, contract your buttocks and lunge your hips forward. 
  6. Swing the dumbbell chest-high. Contract your buttocks, thigh muscles, and core.
  7. Do this repeatedly.


You’ll have fun doing this one. This exercise helps you strengthen your upper and lower back muscles, burning back fat in the process.

  1. Lie facedown on a mat. Stretch your arms straight over your head
  2. Contract your buttocks
  3. Lift both your hands and feet off the floor at the same time. Make sure your elbows and knees are in their natural position; keep them straight.
  4. Return to the starting position and repeat this exercise.

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